Hello world!

I am a full-stack designer currently in Portland, Oregon who cares about crafting enjoyable products for people. I've worked in various web design roles from visual design, apparel design, content strategy, 2D animations, UX design, and web development. Through my career I've developed interdisciplinary skillsets. It has given me a strong understanding of what good design is and a focus on rationalizing effective interactions driven by data.


🏌️ When I'm not designing

Competed nationally at golf as a youngster, now teaching friends. Other than that, cold brews and beyond burgers everyday.


👍 Design philosophy

It is always in flux. Lately I've taken to heart a recommendation by my manager to read Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think.


🎨 My creative type



🎵 Current jam

Awake by Tycho


Interested in viewing my resume? Send me an email, I'd be glad to share it.