Portland, Oregon

Visual/UI Designer 2014-2017

Day to day responsibilities:

Product Design, UX/I Design, Visual Design, Branding, Infographics, and Content Marketing


Sketch, Invsion, Adobe CS, HubSpot, Github, Slack


People and their topics of interest


Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time—that's what Attensa does well. On a typical day, I collaborated with strategic marketers, engineers and product managers. My main role was to build visual content that helped educate on the problem Attensa is solving, along with prototyping high fidelity proof of concept user flows for exploration or as a design reference to hand off to developers for discussions/implementation.




Disseminating information within a company is a lot easier said than done. Especially if your company is a large enterprise with different departments with siloed communication channels.


Attensa Solution:


Give topic experts a platform to manage information sources and give them the power to control how their content is recieved by their audience.




During my time at Attensa, I helped design the Topic view segment of the app. A Topic is essentially a container managed by content curators, where consumers can subscribe or be assigned to depending on how the organization is setup. I collaborated closely with product managers on working through and exploring UX flows on main tasks as well as micro-interactions.


This does not reflect the current product. But here are a few screen mockups I created to demonstrate the new feature at the time, the Topic View. Heres what I can share:

Topic View on the consumer side

App Login Screen

My Topics View displaying relevancy

Reading View Example

Topic View of NYT Example




As I used the product myself, I started to really understand the luxuries of having content curated for me with artificial intelligence, on top of that having the granular control of how and when my content is delivered to me.


The process of learning how our users used Attensa I learned first hand. On a few occasions, I was sent over to our client's locations to meet their content librarians. There I demonstrated any new product features and addressed any issues I could clarify. The experience greatly influenced my approach to design.


Without access to a researcher I acted at times as a one. This direct communication I had was extemely useful as the designer because immediately then I understood what tasks users found unintuitive. Certain feedback required just an explainantion to realign our customer's workflow but most times it required me relaying feedback to our development team to refine a feature set in the app. This rapid feedback to feature change environment was extremely fun and we saw much progress in customer satisfaction.


Visual Design


On the visual production side, I greatly enjoyed my time designing responsive email templates for new customer instances, creating infographics as long-tail content for marketing, building customer guideline pages, setting 2015's brand style guidelines and wireframing landing pages for team buy off, as well as building the landing page itself.

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