Portland, Oregon

Design Lead (2015-2017)

Day to day

UX Design, Visual Design, Motion Graphics, Video/Content Production, Photography, Wordpress


Sharp edge design, soft material


In 2015, I had the pleasure to work on trendy Pacific Northwest project. It was a priviledge because retrospectively, I realized a lot of what I contributed was my creative expression and not following an already set format of designing a brand. As you can imagine, in a small team of three you need to take on many roles and responsibitlities; and as the Design Lead I was involved with apparel design/production, content marketing, photography and developing the online store.

Unfortunately, the company was unsustainable due to the fact that everyone involved in the project could not commit to the time to developing the brand.




The startup e-commerce company needed a jump start on their web presence.



  • Build content and products for the audience we know, young adults, 20-40 year olds, that like wearing minimal, stark colors.
  • Cater to those near us, other Pacific Northwesterns.
  • Differentiate ourselves and create our own niche by appealing to the tech industry.



Dark and stark. That was our three word description of how to approach any design. The point was to treat the design with a focus, a theme you could say, to help with design direction or concepts of other future designs.


Apparel and Collaborations


We kept it local with the best photographer and screen printing company in Portland. We had Oregon Screen Impressions in 2015 print our designs on organic cotton, all made in the USA.


In 2016, we did a photoshot at the WeWork Custom House with Blackprints. I was an honor to work with the talented Nesrin at such a photogenic location. My role was to hire our models and make sure the photoshoot went accoringly.


Web & Digital


The website was built with Wordpress and the backend store Woocommerce. We designed for mobile first. We used white space generously, used accents and muted colors on text to avoid having everything bold. Tried to keep it simply minimal, just like our graphics.


Here are early sketches of interactions and general layout. From the front page, to a single product page, to a checkout rundown page and a bunch of scribbles here and there.


The Future


As low fidelity designs received the thumbs up from others on the team, we started to develop but brought the site down late 2018.


As a last thought, I really do hope we bring back the brand.

 Cascadia Threads Motion