UX Design, Visual Design, Motion Graphics, Video/Content Production, Animation Storytelling, React Front-end Development, Photography

As TriMet's web designer and developer, I've taken on many roles but have been fortunate enough to choose my own specialty. Throughout the 3+ years with TriMet I have collaborated with internal departments on countless campaigns as well as participated in many partnerships with other agencies. To summarize my daily contributions: I provide or implement design solutions, feedback and or guidance—which is directly affects the rider's experience.

Sometimes I take photos for @trimet. This is the photo I'm most proud of.

Working with Google Earth and AE

Showcasing new routes, I created TriMet/Google Earth flythroughs.

Redesigned the TriMet blog in 2019.

Currently a Designer + Front-end Developer for TriMet.org Re-architecture.

With 8 million page views per month, this is project has a very high impact on TriMet and Portland riders. Breakdown on this project per request.


Collaborated with the Port of Portland and designed/developed the MAX Arrival Screens at PDX.

On-site Transit Tracker Signage Redesign (WIP)

Experimental: TriMet Arrivals

Proof of concept microinteractions.

TriMet Bumper