Hand model, video production, motion graphics, 2D animation, interaction design

Implemented by TriMet, Hop Fastpass is the first contactless fare system in the United States. During Hop's initial launch in 2017, my role was to audit the design of the website and app and provide solutions for outstanding issues. Since then my responsibilities have expanded collaborating with engineers, marketers, videographers around video production, motion graphics, and the continuation of addressing any user experience issues.

Go-to hand model.

Example Problem: With the many options, riders were unsure on what fare type to use.

Solution: Create a responsive short and friendly questionnare using Gatsbyjs.

Collaborated directly with Apple's Marketing team promoting Virtual Card + ApplePay and produced how-to videos.

Work together with our engineering team on myhopcard.com.

Responsible for creating fun animations for marketing campaigns.

Created the Hop Fastpass launch animation ads.

Virtual Card Animation Validator

Added an extra layer of security by animating the Hopster mascots within app's virtual card validator.

Hop Fastpass bumper